SKU # 10031631-Bell Metal Coin of City State of Kurapurika.
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City-State of Kurapurika (200 BC), Narmada Valley, Bell Metal Unit, Obv: an eight-petaled flower, having a Brahmi letter on each petal reading "Ku ra Ku ra pu ri ka sa", Rev: uniface, 2.0g, 12.58mm, (Unlisted), choice very fine, Extremely Rare.

Note: This important coin from the city-state of Kurapurika, with its uniquely stylised arrangement of the Brahmi legends within each petal of the central flower is unlisted and unrecorded in any numismatic reference.Purika was a city in the Avanti area and was well known in the ancient times since 200 BC. According to John Fleet, Purika is to be located to the south of the island of Mahismati (Mandhata in the Khandwa district) in the Narmada. Kurapurika was an ancient name of this renowned city-state.



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