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Silver One Rupee Coin of Farrukhabad Kingdom of Ahmadnagar Farrukhabad Mint in UNC Condition.

Farrukhabad Kingdom

Ruler: Bangash Nawab 

Mint: Ahmadnagar-Farrukhabad

Deno: Silver Rupee

Year: AH 1196 / 23 RY 

"Saya-e-fazle elah"Couplet, In the name of Shah Alam II

 Obv:  sikka zad bar haft kishwar saya-e-fazle elah, hami din-e-Muhammad, Shah Alam badshah, 

Rev: sana 23 julus & zarb at bottom, 

Wt: 11.18 g, Size: 26.00 mm

Ref: KM # 28  

Cond: UNC, Rarity: Scarce.





Rupee 01

Ahmadnagar Farukhabad


AH 1196

23 RY

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