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Silver Coin of Delhi Sultanate of Sultan Muhammad Khilji of Khilji Dynasty.

Delhi Sultanate, Khilji Dynasty

Sultan: Ala-ud-din Muhammad Khilji (AH 695-715/1296-1316 AD)

Mint: off flan, 

Denomination: Silver Tanka

Obv: al sultan al azam ala ud duniya wal din abul muzaffar muhammad shah al sultan within double square

Rev: sikandar al-thani yamin al khilafa nasir amir al mu’minin, mint name & hijri date off flan in margin

Weight: 10.70g, Size: 25.00mm 

Reference: G&G # D226 

Condition: very fine.



About Very Fine


Silver Tanka

Out Of Flan


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